Bring back the shine

A 15 step procedure to ensure the vehicle is safely decontaminated, cleaned, dried and protected with a thin coat of durable wax. Our most basic wax will offer up to 2 months of protection however, this can be upgraded to a more durable wax, sealant or ceramic lite. Requires a minimum of 3 hours.

Only £55



Ideal for those who already have an existing exterior coating applied. We follow a 13 step procedure where the vehicle is safely decontaminated, cleaned and dried. Requires a minimum of 2 hours.

Only £35


Tackle light dirt and grime

Ideal for reasonably maintained interiors. We brush and dry vacuum the inside followed by an application of our specialist cleaning solution to the dash and all panels. Seats are treated with fabric or leather cleaner and the interior glass is cleaned & buffed. Requires a minimum of 1 hour.

From £25



Includes everything in our Stage 1 service plus steam cleaning all panels, crevices and wet vacuuming. Requires a minimum of 2 hours.

From £70


Glass Polishing & Sealant

From £70

A machine polishing service tailored towards glass surfaces which not only results in crystal-clear glass but also quickly beads and disperses water too. Requires a minimum of 1 hour.

Ceramic Lite


Ceramic Lite is a durable, slick and hydrophobic paint coating that provides a high level of gloss to enhance the paintwork. Ceramic Lites makes washing the vehicle a breeze whilst also providing surfaces on your car with greater resistance to insect splatter, light solvents and harmful UV rays. Requires a minimum of 1 hour.



Ensures grease and dirt do not accumulate and interfere with important components of your car.

Plastic & Vinyl Trim Restorer


Application of a trim restorer to restore, condition and protect any original black surfaces that have faded, such as: Bumpers, pads, trim, mirrors, mud flaps, seals, handles and wiper blades.  Requires a minimum of 30 minutes.

Leather Seat Protectant


Apply a leather protectant to condition, protect and reinstate the aroma into your leather seats. While the leather seat is used, skin oils, perspiration and grease slowly start to attack the leather, causing it to discolour, crack and peel. A leather protectant will leave a non-sticky, greaseless and oil & water-based stain repelling barrier whilst restoring suppleness to the leather. Requires a minimum of 1 hour.

*This service must be paired with one of our interior cleaning services.

Fabric Seat Protectant


Apply a fabric protector to your car seats to create an invisible hydrophobic layer that will repel oil & water-based stains, without changing the look and feel of the material. The hydrophobic layer will hold dirt at the surface of the material, helping to make future cleaning easier and more efficient. Requires a minimum of 1 hour.

*This service must be paired with one of our interior cleaning services.

Ozone Machine


A powerful way to remove foul odors and attack mold, mildew, viruses and spores.